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(Today we got through about the first hour and ten minutes, up to their arrival at Rivendell.)

Initial observations, during Galadriel's opening narration: "This must be reeeaally old."

Upon first seeing Frodo: "That must be Bilbo's son." (Close, nephew.)

"When do we get to see the wizard do some magic?" (Answer: not very often!)

"He turned invisible! Just like Harry Potter!"

"How many rings are there in total?"
"Nine for the humans, seven for the dwarves, three for the elves, and the One Ring, so twenty all together."
"Oh. They're going to need to find A LOT of rings."

"She did a Patronus. A water Patronus!"

"Who IS the Lord of the Rings?"
"But he's dead! And the ring passed from person to person and all that, like it said."
"Yeah, well. Remember how at the start of Harry Potter they thought Voldemort was dead?"
"Was he really?"
"Same deal here.
"Oh. When will he REALLY be dead, at the end of the movie?"
"Wait and see."


LJArchive is working again!

(c/ped from celandineb)

The fabulous [info]syredronning commissioned someone to fix the coding for the ljarchive program, and the fixed version does indeed work and will download comments, HUZZAH! I have used it and successfully updated my archives of all of my journals!

Here is the post with info and a link to where you can download the updated version.

Feel free to spread the good word and share this info/link!

To-do list (holiday edition)

Maybe writing it down will make me feel less stressy....

- a few last gifts to buy (Mike, Lesley & the kids, I think that's it?)
- cards (cut & organize Arthur's photos, put letter, photo, card together, address & mail - letter is already written)
- write Yuletide story (about 1200 words written, still needs an actual plot/ending, need to finish by Monday at latest @_@)
- beta Lannie's story when it's ready
- make cookies tonight for exchange at work tomorrow
- finish soaps (one more batch to make, then package them all w. plastic wrapping and boxes - packaging can be done on the weekend, as long as soaps are done before then)
- return shoes that are too slippery to Target
- find some time to go shopping for (other) new shoes? unlikely
- take Arthur to the mall on the weekend so he can buy us gifts (this is important to him for the first time this year, aww)
- wrap all the gifts
- pack all the things
- book hotel for one night in Montreal
- Arthur's Beavers potluck on Monday (not sure if we're going yet, will depend on how panicky we are at that point) not going
- go to pick out new flooring? not sure if this will happen before we leave or not, but if it can, it probably means work can start sooner rather than later in January, so it would be good will do in January, it will only mean a delay of a few days at most.
- oh yeah, bloodwork
- and posting stories for asoiaf exchange, but redcandle17 has done nearly all the work for that already

... I don't know if that helped or not. Weh.

Catching up

My trip to Texas was lovely (I've been back for over a week now, just hadn't gotten around to updating...) It was hot, except for the last couple of days, when I thought it was perfect and actual Texans went around in sweaters and hats. We went to a Natalie McMaster and Donnell Leahy concert, and to the ren faire, and watched all of the original Jonny Quest show, and made roast duck and apple pie and tortilla soup and all sorts of other tasty things, and walked the dog and petted the kitty when he wasn't being murderous, and I got to sleep in most days, and of course I was with Lannie most of the time (whenever she wasn't at work) and it was great :) I fail at pictures, though - not taking the camera will do that I suppose. It was good to come home to my boys, though <3

Not to jinx it, but Arthur has been sleeping in his own room nearly every night since I left. I think he's come in twice since I've been home, and once it was only at 6am, so it was nearly time to get up anyway. This whole sleeping-through-the-night thing is wonderful, I hope it continues. Nevertheless, I was still really tired this week, but that was more my own fault due to staying up too late a few nights. I got to sleep in this morning, at least.

Garden is nearly all harvested for the year - there are still some carrots and onions to dig out, otherwise it's done. It was pretty successful - more rapsberries, tomatoes, and celery than we could reasonably use, a sensible number of zucchini and carrots, somewhat underperforming but still tasty peppers and onions, totally failed beets and peas. I suppose that averages out to a good year? And next year there will be harvestable rhubarb, om nom nom.

Now I'm trying to plan my game for tomorrow (blaaaargh, probably only 3-4 sessions left, wrapping up is the WORST EVER) and wishing I was reading more of this amazing 55,000 word Sherlock fic or thinking about YT (something by Heyer? Martha Wells? YAFGC? oh gods how will I narrow it down to only 3 nominations!) instead. Oh, and I have readings for my media studies seminar to get caught up on before Tuesday, and no idea when that will happen @_@ And Merlin has started up again, need to get torrenting so I can watch that with Lannie <3

A TV query

People with more current TV knowledge than me - I hear good things about The Killing. I have no idea if the good things have mostly been about the original or the remake. If you have seen one or both, what's your advice? Is one superior, or are there a lot of differences between the two? Is it worth watching both? I am perfectly fine with subtitles, so language is not a problem for me.

Further shows/mini-series I am at least mildly interested in, and would appreciate advice on whether they're worth my time - The Crimson Petal and the White, Downton Abbey, The Devil's Whore (apparently, historical Brit dramas are hot atm?)

Any other recommendations of awesome TV are also welcome, of course! I especially like mysteries, historical stuff, and the totally OTT trashy (e.g. I am currently kind of in love with Spartacus...) Thank you for any words of wisdom :)


Arthur's theory of aging

'Baby' and 'Toddler' are the tutorial stages of humanity. Then you advance to 'Kid,' and go through several levels there, until you reach 'Advanced Kid' at age 10. Once you complete 'Advanced Kid', you progress into 'Teenager', and work your way through several levels there as well, before reaching 'Adult' at the age of 19. Beyond that, the ages get a little hazy. I am apparently Level 54, and a 'Medium-level Adult,' while Steve is an 'Advanced Adult'. I'm sure Arthur's grandparents will be delighted to know they are are 'Expert Adults.' Arthur also reports that "If you die at the 'advanced' stage, you don't get to make it to 'expert'."

I don't know what the boss battle at the end is (but then, I suspect no one does.)


I <3 U Jack

2011-08-27 14.08.50

We got back this evening from our impromptu trip to Toronto for Jack Layton's funeral. I am thoroughly exhausted, but very glad we went. Pictures, still unsorted and uncaptioned, are available here. I wish we'd been able to take more pictures of the chalk tributes, but our camera's battery was running out by that time, so it meant we didn't get a picture of Arthur's tribute, which he composed himself - "I miss the NDP I <3 U Jack" We explained to him afterwards that just because Jack was gone didn't mean the NDP was gone, and that it was other people's job - and our job too - to keep it going without him.

2011-08-27 16.33.40

Farewell, Mr. Layton

Steve and Arthur and I will be going to Toronto on Saturday for Jack Layton's funeral. We'll probably get there sometime around 1pm if all goes well. If any of the rest of you are planning to be there, we'd love to meet up somewhere, and we're planning to stay in the city for dinner as well. We'll be staying overnight at Steve's parents' place, possibly stopping in for a visit with his grandmother, then heading back to Windsor Sunday afternoon.

I felt strongly that I would regret it if I didn't go, even though it's a long way, and I think it's important for Arthur to see it too. I fully expect it will be amazing, and I will probably cry buckets.

R.I.P., Jack. You gave me hope for the future. Now I just hope that we can carry on your legacy.

The agony column of the Times

I've been enjoying reading this book - a bunch of ... personal ads? secret messages? I don't quite know what to call them. Messages, anyway, published in the Times of London between 1800 and 1870. Trying to figure them out is both futile and fascinating.

A few of my favouritesCollapse )


Sound business sense

Arthur, at early o'clock this morning: Dad, can you take me to Toys R Us to buy Redakai cards?
Steve, groggy: The store won't be open yet, it's too early.
Arthur, cranky: Well they really should be open earlier, because kids don't like to wait.


Life lessons from folk songs

  • If you have the ability to turn into a bird, use it for something beneficial, rather than to taunt your mentally-unstable boyfriend.

  • Don't kill smart-mouthed talking birds, no matter how tempting it may be.


Happy birthday, Arthur!

Photo retrospectiveCollapse )

Arthur - June

Now you are six! Where does the time go? I love you, kiddo.


Brief and scattered

We are back from Montreal! We have grass over a foot long in the back yard and no functional lawnmower -_- We're hoping a kid will come by and offer to mow it for $10, and then maybe next week when paycheques come in we can afford to buy a new mower. But at least we might not need a new dishwasher quite yet. It stopped working yesterday, so, with the help of the internet, we dismantled the door, unplugged and replugged the control board for the keys, and lo and behold, it worked again! ...Until this morning, when it had stopped working. So Steve did the whole process again, and now it's ... working again, sort of? Fingers crossed that it stays fixed this time.

There's a carnival next to my office! It set up yesterday and started operating today. We can watch the rides from the window. People are planning to go get carny food tomorrow at lunch, nom. We discussed regional differences in dippy dogs/corn dogs/pogos, and apparently somewhere there's a place that makes them with sausages dipped in blueberry pancake batter. The only way that could be better, we decided, was if it could also be wrapped in bacon.

Some Arthurisms:

One from while we were away - we were getting ready to play a rousing game of Uno with friends in Montreal, since it's a game Arthur is very capable of playing, and its randomness means he actually wins from time to time. Trash talk is, of course, to be expected.

Steve: I'm going to crush you like a bug!
Arthur: Well, I'm going to beat you like a midget and seven ounces!
Everyone: ....?

And one from today, when we were discussing whether Jello is a solid or a liquid or in-between.

Steve: How would you tell the difference between a solid and a liquid?
Me: Isn't it whether it takes on the form of the container you put it in?
Arthur: Or you could drop a one-inch tungsten ball into it.
Us: ...
Arthur: And see if it sinks.

Bishops, priests and Spaniards

Reposting for my friend joane, who is working on her thesis...

"I'm making a hail-Mary play here... in David Loades' biography of Queen Mary I (England, 16th cen), he makes reference to woodcuts on pamphlets printed during her reign. These woodcuts supposedly depicted Mary as "a many-breasted queen suckling bishops, priests and Spaniards." He doesn't given any citations or indications as to what these primary sources were or where he found them. Is that ringing a bell for anyone? Does anyone know someone who might know what pamphlets he's referring to?"

Any help would be appreciated!


Travel plans!

forthright, elanya, Arthur and I are going to be coming to Montreal from the 20th to 28th of May :D (Driving in on the 20th, driving out on the 28th, so no big plans on those days...) We'd love to see as many of our homies as possible during that time, and do all sorts of fun stuff! We aren't sure where we'll be staying yet, is the only thing, but once I know that I'll let you know. In any case, we'll have a car, and we can of course get around to places as required for the having of FUN. I'd love to do a dinner at L'Auberge for old time's sake, if we can manage it. Arthur wants to go to the Biodome, as usual. And of course we'll be seeing baby Howell and his parents, and hopefully giving them a break sometime so they can do something fun themselves!

Anyway, comment with proposed plans and/or general squee, as you wish :D


Birthday wishes

Happy birthday to my dear husband forthright! :) I'm sorry I wasn't feeling more celebratory this morning (I would have reminded Arthur it was your birthday, for instance, if I'd had my thoughts in order) but hopefully we can make up for it in a few days... Have fun tonight with Nick and co. I love you! <3


Not composed by Saint-Saëns

Yesterday while we were on our way to the library, the radio was playing Carnival of the Animals. So we had some fun getting Arthur to guess what animal each piece represented. He asked me what instrument The Swan was played on and I told him it was the cello, but he thought I said 'chinchilla'. Then he suggested that there should be a chinchilla section to the suite, and said "It would be a high-pitched version of the Nom Nom Nom song."


The supergroup of the century

I got spam from the Fox Theatre (that's what we get for going to a concert once, I suppose) with the following subject line: "Coming to the Fox Theatre: Charlie Sheen, Neil Young, and Yanni!" My first thought was, "together???" Apparently not, though.

I am also really, really sick of people around here - mostly the Americans, I think the Windsor residents know better - complaining about how awful the weather is. I want to shake them and say "Don't you realize how lucky we are here? This place has the nicest weather that I've ever lived in! Snow melts even in the winter - we almost never get huge piles of snow building up, because it doesn't have time to. Spring actually comes before March 21st, not sometime in April! ARRRGH!"

For comparison, here are some pictures of my hometown in winter:

Winter 2011
Winter 2011

Fredericton in winter
Winter 2009

I won't even get into Montreal, which often still looks like this at the end of March (2008 in this case):

Spring is on its way!
(that line in the middle? That's the TOP of a bench. I took that picture because it was the first time we'd been able to see it in months, and I knew it meant the snow was finally starting to melt.)